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Leslie Salgado-professional headshot_edited.jpg

Leslie Salgado

Leslie Salgado is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Communication, Media and Film, University of Calgary. She is an experienced professional with a strong background in science communication and in working with international organizations, including UNESCO, OXFAM and PAHO. As a doctoral student, she focuses on the intersection of Responsible AI, public narratives, policy, and ethics. Her research interests revolve around public trust in AI systems, co-design practices with end-users and interdisciplinary approaches to AI literacy. Critical and feminist approaches to science and technology inspire her investigative and pedagogical stances.

Leslie holds certifications in AI Ethics (LSE), Responsible AI and Human Rights (University of Montreal-MILA), and AI Policy (CADIP). As a consultant for a Global Partnership in AI project, she contributed to research on equality and inclusion within the AI ecosystem.

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